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White Labs WLP037 Yorkshire Square Ale Yeast



Yeast Type: English Ale
Temp Range: 65-70F
Alcohol Tolerance (abv): Medium-High
Flocculation: High
Attenuation: 68-72%
Beer Styles: English Pale Ale, ESB, English Bitter, English Brown Ale, English Strong Ale, Nut Brown Ale, Irish Red Ale, Brown Porter, English Mild
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Posted June 11, 2013 by

Yeast Review

White Labs WLP037 Yorkshire Square Ale Yeast

English ale strain which is versatile and works well for many British style beers.

Produces well-balanced malty beers with toasty flavors and moderate esters.

High yeast flocculation produces very clear beers.

Active yeast may require extra headspace.


    Glad to hear someone else had concerns about this yeast. When I bottled a couple days ago, it almost smelled like the fermentation temp was too high, but I know it never got above 67. I thought I might have an infection. Hopefully some of that flavor will drop off as it sits for the next month or so.



    First, this yeast is now called N. Yorkshire. Second, it sucks. Very attenuative (>83% in a dark wort with copious crystal). Finished very dry with an incredibly odd flavor. Odd nutty thing, like burnt peanuts, bizarre esters, and a hint of clove. Clove? Yes, clove. Sanitation was not the issue, neither were chloramines. It’s just an odd yeast.


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